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A VR game made in 48h during the Global Game Jam 2011 !

Vidéo YouTube

Media coverage

(Check "In the News")

- Canal+ le journal des jeux videos (emission du 05/02, starting at 6'27).


Currently you need to have a VRKit-HMD compliant VR setup.

Full game and Unity source project available soon.


Cbw @ VRGeeks.org

The VRGeeks GGJ team 

Starting left :
- Kevin Passageon : 3D Artist, Freelance looking for jobs. Kevinpassageon@hotmail.com
- Thomas Chalan : 3D Artist.  Thomaschalan@hotmail.Fr
- Johan Lajili : Game designer, Isart Digital. Johan.Lajili@gmail.com
- Nicolas Bourdon : Sound Designer, BTS Audiovisuel de St Quentin. Bourdon.Nicola@gmail.com
- Nicolas Conil : Coder, Darkworks & VRGeek. Nicolas.Conil@yahoo.fr
- Sébastien "Cb" Kuntz : VR Geek. Cbw@VRGeeks.org
- Romain Lecomte : Sound Designer, BTS Audiovisuel de St Quentin. Lecomte.r@gmail.com 


Live stream during the Jam :

First version after 10 hours :

YouTube Video

Walkthrough Video after nearly 48h :

YouTube Video