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Here's the start of a list of "affordable" HMDs to be used in the VRKit-HMD :

- eMagin Z800 : ~1500€. A review.
- Classic ones - on VRTifacts, or sometimes on e-Bay.

Modded Vuzix VR920 by Cb : I've ripped of the glasses' branches and cut a hole in a ski mask. This totally occludes the real world and keeps the HMD very steady !

In order to compare popular classic and modern HMDs that are available on the market within consumer price-range, thefollowing diagrams were created.
Here you can compare with the same metric: diagonal FOV (in other words virtual screen size), resolution (in subpixels), built-in tracking capability, stereo capability, input video type & resolution.
Prices are actual for the summer 2010. 

Popular HMD's of the old and new generation added to FOV comparison, it's Vuzix VR920 and Forte VFX1 Headgear.

Some sort of LCD resolution comparison added to preview of the image quality of the picture to the right, for the different resolution LCD's.